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the beginning of everything

In 2014 Cosmobio was born, not just a parapharmacy, but a special shop. Inside, in fact, customers find not only over-the-counter medicines, but also biocosmetics and natural supplements among the most refined and innovative. Managed by Dr. Michele Caruso, cosmetologist pharmacist, specialized in natural medicine and homotoxicology, Cosmobio over time has become a "natural" reference for the province of Padua, but also a "live" and human place where you can feel at home.


In 2016 Pianobio was born in the Milan Malpensa area, managed by Dr. Valentina Caruso, a pharmacist specialized in marketing and business management, natural medicine and homotoxicology.

Here too everything that is proposed has a single common denominator: health. Health is linked to a discussion of ingredients, raw materials, choices of companies that respect the environment, mainly Italian.

Not just a profession, but a philosophy, ethics, passion and competence that has distinguished the Caruso family of health professionals for decades.


the Union

In 2018 MIVA was born, an SRLS that incorporates the respective professions for the realization of something more concrete and rewarding: the professional service.

In fact, all our work is based on ethical and qualitative principles that we feel we can share not only with everyday customers.



2020 is a year of changes, big changes. Our third generation comes to life and a bigger and more structured company is born. Which finally gives life to our most ambitious and generous project: the world of e-commerce. A real challenge in which we gladly participate! Together with you, but above all, thanks to you.

Michael and Valentina

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